Here at HCS Medical, our main goal is to supply businesses with the very best PPE at the best prices to insure the safety of staff and visitors.

There are many suppliers who are failing to carry out the appropriate due diligence and purchasing poor quality PPE products, which end up with unsuspecting customers who then realise the products they purchased are not fit for purpose.  We have stepped in to verify and guarantee the quality to the highest levels at all times with verified products. 

Raw material shortage and lengthy logistic delays are leading to stock shortages and price increases, we envisage this will continue for the foreseeable future. Covid-19 is a global issue stretching the worldwide supply chain of PPE to a level of unprecedented demand. 

Currently we can meet demand as of today, but the situation is changing on a daily basis. Every business will be required to protect their staff, we have UK stock of most items ready to deliver within 24 hours.

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